Why Cold-pressed Oils Are More Beneficial than Refined Oils

Do you look for cold-pressed oils while buying oils? Are you familiar with this term? It may sound new to you, but from ancient times, our ancestors have been using these oils for healthy nutrients and minerals. To live life healthily, cold-pressed oils offer immense health benefits.

Cold-pressed oils have lots of nutritional properties compared to other oils that you get in the supermarket. These oils seem costlier than refined oils, but the fact is you will have to bear hefty hospital bills consuming refined oils regularly.

Refined oils are harmful to your health

Refined oils are not for use as cooking oils. They are made from petroleum wastages and flavored differently to meet the user’s needs.

Companies manufacture and supply the same at cheap rates to meet the demands and make high revenue by selling them in the market. They are edible, but not graded to care for the consumer’s health.

When you get sunflower oil at Rs. 95, you can judge the quality on your own, while the actual cost of sunflower oil is between Rs 250 and Rs. 300. Then how stores can sell refined sunflower oil at Rs. 95? They are not supplying pure sunflower oil. Companies make colorful advertisement to sell their items.

Refined oils involve high heat during the production, and it removes all the nutritional and beneficial substances from the oil. Apart from this, refined oils contain Tran’s-fat, which is extremely dangerous for your health. Regular consumption of these inorganic oils acts as a poison and damages your heart. They lead to obesity, knee joint pains, cardiac issues, and heart blockage.

Why value cold pressed oil?

Cold-pressed oil is extracted from an oil extraction machine using normal temperature (not more than 35°C). It helps to keep the nutrients and vitamins as same as the nuts and seeds used to make the oil.

Unrefined oils carry good monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and have distinctive taste and color. They are extracted from nuts, seeds, or fruits with no chemicals or solvents. Seeds are dried naturally in the sunlight before they press using a crushing machine provided by a reputed oil mill machinery manufacturer. Natural drying ensures long-storage features. They are high in Vitamin E and low in saturated fat. And they are free from unhealthy Trans-fats.

Cold-pressed oil is purely organic as it is made with a genuine passion to improve the vigor of consumers worldwide. Cold-pressed sesame oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, safflower oil, olive oil, almond oil, and soybean oil are healthy oils with natural flavor, taste, and nutrients.

Oil plant machine manufacturers supply high-grade machines to extract high-quality virgin oils with no added color and flavor. Even these companies supply modern equipment or machinery to produce top-grade cold-pressed edible oils.

Companies use oil extraction machines to provide endless health benefits of cold-pressed oils.

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