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We are the leading oil mill machinery manufacturer in Kolkata, India and Bangladesh, offering a range of oil machinery of different sizes, designs, and specifications. Whether it is a large expeller or simple seed processing machinery, our products are immensely efficient to meet the purpose. We, one of the best oil plant machine manufacturers, offer a range of oil mill machinery with the maximum competence and commercial approach to deliver the highest performance over the years.

To startup an oil plant or expand the existing business, you need a solid plan to figure out your objectives with workable results. Besides, a splendid management structure, you should have an updated infrastructure by installing highly productive oil machinery and equipment for executing professional oil extracting procedures. Hence, Punjab Engineering Works is one of the most trusted oil mill machinery suppliers with over 70 years of experience. To accomplish efficient oil extraction procedures and maintain all technical aspects, the best oil mill machinery manufacturer provides top-notch oil machinery and expellers with great competence and features.

Multiple Benefits

When you are with one of the experienced oil mill machinery suppliers like us, you will have a multitude of benefits to support your oil extraction business. Our oil machinery has exclusive features and it is the reason why we are a globally-reputed oil mill machinery manufacturer in Kolkata, India and Bangladesh. Leading oil plant machine manufacturers provide oil machinery with modern and exclusive features such as:

  • Our machinery can extract oil from oil seeds with minimum wastage.
  • Our oil machinery can extract maximum oil with minimum time.
  • The frictional quotient of the oil machinery is considerably low.
  • Forget about technical faults, malfunctioning, or irregularity when you use the latest extraction machine by one of the experienced oil mill machinery suppliers.
  • Our oil machinery does not require any special expertise to operate smoothly.
  • A trained technician can run a machine easily with a well-defined functional framework.
  • The most reliable oil mill machinery manufacturer guarantees to increase the productivity of your plant at a faster pace.
  • As one of the renowned oil mill machinery suppliers, the price of oil machinery is comprehensive and competitive.
  • Setting up machinery is simple and hassle-free

Why we are one of the reputable oil plant machine manufacturers

From the very beginning, the company has been aspiring to be the best oil mill machinery manufacturer in Kolkata, India and Bangladesh. After 70 years of successful journey, we keep our focus the same. As one of the reliable oil mill machinery suppliers, we never compromise the quality of products. Our core strength is our customer base. Entrepreneurs across the globe are our clients. The reason we are the best oil mill machinery manufacturer is the honesty of the entire team. We make each deal with utmost honesty and transparency. Invest in purchasing highly sophisticated oil machinery by choosing the most reputed oil mill machinery company like Punjab Engineering.


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