How to Set up an Automatic Oil Mill?

At Punjab engineering, we bring you all the Oil mill machinery for the completion of an automatic oil mill. With automatic oil, mill businesses are booking more profit as their demands are very high. The automatic oil mill’s function is activated when the oil mill’s capacity and the volume of raw materials to be processed are both large. We have many plants with automatic handling systems installed.

The automatic oil mill’s key components are as follows:


The autonomous oil mill machinery includes bucket elevators, which aid in the material handling process when the oil mill is in operation. The seeds and cake are lifted and elevated using these bucket elevators for feeding purposes. Our selection of commercial elevators can be put inside medium- to large-scale oil plants. By elevating the seeds directly to the expeller, they improve the efficiency of the oil mill.

There are 3 sections in the bucket elevator:

  • Section at the bottom for the intake
  • The Center, or Tank Section
  • To discharge, utilize the top section.

Why choose Punjab engineering oil machinery ?

  • Extremely strong. Recognized globally for its durability and productivity.
  • Depending on the situation, the elevator’s height can be raised or lowered.
  • On intake parts, there are cleaning holes for quick cleaning and maintenance.
  • Exactly supports the raising of the seeds during the operation.
  • Used to transport nearly all varieties of oil seeds.
  • To facilitate the driving, the top shaft is lengthened.
  • Reduces manual work and time.

The following are the key features of our Punjab Engineering screw conveyors:

  • They are automatic and contribute significantly to the time and labour savings.
  • It is highly regarded for its sturdiness, compactness, and dimensional accuracy.
  • Suitable for transporting large amounts of seeds and cakes over short and long distances.
  • High-quality fabrication ensures a quiet and smooth operation.
  • Reduces the need for labour.
  • Construction that is rust and leak-proof.

Punjab engineering is one of the best oil mill machinery manufacturer,  where we offer various equipment for your oil mill regardless of it’s capacity.

Both of the above equipment convert the plant to an automatic type, aid in the automated transfer process, and make the operation of the oil mill very simple and convenient.

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