Different Types of Specialty Oils and Their Applications

Specialty oils are extracted by oil extraction machines from sources like palm, Tung, cocoa bean, castor bean, peanut, and olive oil. These oils are gaining ground in today’s society due to their desirable qualities like aroma. They can be used in cosmetics, non-edible applications, fuels, and some food products.

Encouraged by the increase in demand for high-quality and natural product use in the manufacture of food products, cosmetics, and other commodities, the market for specialty oils is growing day by day. Owing to the complex seed structure possessed by the seed containing these oils as well as their limited production leads to difficulty when processing in large quantities. To extract oils from these crops, you need a technically sound and advanced oil expeller machine to get your work done.

It listed a few specialty oils below:

Castor oil: Castor oil is obtained from the castor bean. Castor beans are mainly found throughout Jamaica and the southwestern U.S. About half the weight of castor seeds is contributed to castor oil. Castor oil is used in paints, varnishes, soap, perfume, and a variety of cosmetic products. The oil is also known to be used for its few medicinal values. The side products got after extraction from an oil expeller machine can also be used as a fertilizer.

Cocoa bean: Cocoa beans are native to Africa, South America, Central America, and South Asia. They are mainly cultivated for cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Cocoa butter and cocoa powder are widely used in the cosmetic and food industry to introduce the aroma and flavor of chocolate into them. The shells of cocoa beans are used as fertilizer or fuels. Using cocoa has also been found in some beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Tung oil: Tung oil is derived from the Tung tree. Tung trees originated from china but later on spread to the U.S coast due to an increase in demand. These Tung fruits contain about 17-20% oil in them. Tung oil is mostly used as finishing oil, and to protect wood because it hardens on exposure to moisture, leaving behind a hard, water-resistant, and shiny coating. Tung seed is a hard and woody seed. Therefore, you need an efficient oil expeller machine to extract Tung oil effectively. Tung oil is used in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, and resins.

If you want to set afoot into the expanding and pricey industry of specialty oils, your oil machinery must be highly equipped to deal with these kinds of specialty nuts or beans having hard shells or other complexities. Many companies provide efficient and powerful oil extraction machines to fulfill your needs to deal with these tough nuts and yet be affordable.

Choosing the ideal oil mill machinery manufacturer can provide you with a heavy-duty design and high functionality for specialty oil manufacturing.

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