Different Types Of Groundnut Oils Produced By Oil Mill Machinery

Also known as peanut oil, groundnut oil is a type of vegetable oil that is derived from peanut plants. Not all peanut oils are the same. They can have a varying range of flavours. Moreover, depending on the way the oil is extracted with oil mill machinery also determines the flavour of the groundnut oil. There are two ways to extract groundnut oil. One is cold-pressed groundnut oil and the other one is refined groundnut oil.

Difference In the Production Process

Both types of groundnut oils are processed differently. The cold-pressed oils are processed at a temperature below 60 degrees. Although the oil yield is low, the production technology is green. During production, the peanut is first passed through the machine to get clean groundnut seeds. The next step is to crush and flake these seeds. The flaked groundnut seeds are roasted thoroughly. Finally, these roasted seeds are pressed in the oil mill machinery to obtain crude peanuts oil and groundnut cakes.

The refined groundnut oil, on the other hand, is processed further to remove all the impurities present in the cold-pressed groundnut oil. Once the groundnut oil is refined at the national standards only then it is sold in the market. There are several steps involved in the process of refining crude groundnut oil. This involves degumming, deodorizing, deacidifying and decolorizing. All these are done under high pressure and high temperature.

Differences In the Oil Mill Machinery Used

Several kinds of machines are provided by oil mill machinery manufacturers, according to your budget. To manufacture cold-pressed groundnut oil, you can choose machines like a roaster, oil press, filter, etc. if your budget is low. In case you have a high budget, you can use bigger equipment that can produce cold-pressed oil on large scale. Machines like crushers, flaking machines, and sheller would be useful for your business.

In case you are a refined oil manufacturer, you can use equipment like a degumming tank, decolourization tank, deacidification tank, heat conduction oil furnace, etc.

Difference In The Quality Of The Oil Produced

There is a huge difference in the quality of crude groundnut oil and refined groundnut oil. When the groundnut seeds are cold pressed, the nutrients and the good ingredients are all preserved in the oil produced. Also, this oil usually has a high content of protein. The flavour of this oil is also usually more liked by consumers. The only downside is some impurities remain in this oil, and they can’t be removed.

Refined oil, on the other hand, won’t have any impurities. But all the protein contents and the flavour are removed from the oil. The colour and storage stability is improved drastically.

It is hard to decide which oil to produce and which one to consume. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. An oil mill machinery manufacturer can provide you with both types of machinery. You can decide which one to produce based on your requirements.

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