Different Types of Edible Oil Mill Machinery

Vegetable oils are obtained from different plants. They are popular with their countless benefits. Not only do they enhance the flavor and texture of food but add nutritional properties to a diet. Some of the popular edible oils for daily consumption include mustard oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, etc.

Cold-pressed edible oils are produced without using heat. So, they retain natural properties and original taste. On the other hand, hot-pressed oils retain a few of its natural properties. The use of high temperatures changes the natural structure of oils and destroys the value of some important substances like vitamin E and carotenoids. Choosing cold-pressed edible oils not only changes the aroma of your meal but brings magic to your health. They are considered as a diet-friendly source of beneficial nutrients.

At Punjab Engineering Works, we are the designer and manufacturer of oil extraction machine of different kinds for obtaining the garden-fresh, pure, and natural edible oil. Our cooking oil milling machinery is very much suitable for different milling projects. Punjab Engineering Works has vast and rich industrial experience of 70 years in the edible oil field. We have supplied a variety of oil extraction machine across the country. You can see the success of the company through testimonials provided by satisfied customers. We use sophisticated technology and mechanism for the procedure of designing and manufacturing of cooking oil mill machinery.

A different set of machines we use:


We make round/drum chalna for the oil mill industry for years. In recent years with the increasing demands of the oil industry, we have brought more advanced seed cleaning machines that can execute the cleaning task in a more refined way. We have introduced vibro cleaner and destoner to eliminate even tiny dust particles from seeds more significantly.


We make screw conveyers in various sizes and pitches. Heating jacketed, enclosed type, semi-octagonal and rectangular shape trough are some variety of screw conveyers.  Our workforce gives the best effort to make the most suitable conveyers that last long. For handling bulk materials, we provide redler chain conveyers, slat conveyers, belt conveyers, etc.


Our single box and twin box elevators are the latest in design and technology. For a variety of oil industry applications, they are available in various sizes and styles. PP buckets, Chain driven elevators, and other different types of elevators are unique in design to offer personalized services to clients.


To retain the organic properties of edible oil, we offer different kinds of filtering equipment as per our client’s requirements. It is our pride that we are one of the best oil mill machinery suppliers in India and have been satisfying clients with our innumerable filter designs. Developing PLF filters for oil refineries and solvent extraction plants, we accept high-end technologies and procedures.

Oil expellers

Our expellers are diverse in features and functionalities. We make different types of expeller machines to serve clients from different corners of the country. Even we have the infrastructure to crush seeds like kusum, mahua, sunflower, sal seed, jojoba, etc.

For instant verification of oil seeds, we supply table expeller machines that determine the quality of seeds without mistakes and instantly. Our researching team members give their continuous efforts in developing more advanced and seamless expellers that can reduce electricity consumption as well as have increased productivity. Our oil extraction machines offer additional safety to ensure the wellbeing of workers. Even the ease of operation makes our machines more compatible with oil industries of different scales. For top-notch after-sale services, we are considered as one of the leading oil plant machine manufacturers in India. To have the health benefits of cold-pressed edible oil, explore the quality and performance of the latest oil mill machinery, supplied by our skilled team of laborers. For more details, visit the website.

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