Cold-pressed Olive Oil – a Magic to Your Heart and Skin

From ancient times, olive oil was used not only for culinary purposes, but it was the best part of beauty treatments. Olives offer many health benefits and therefore, it has been in the top position of popular edible oils. Extra-virgin olive oil is a category that contains the highest level of minerals and vitamins. It is produced by oil extraction procedures using no chemicals and heat. Cold-pressed olive oil has a minimum acid level and perfect in taste and aroma.

Cold-pressed olive oil offers a plethora of benefits. From preventing cancers to protecting your heart from heart attacks- its functionalities are uncountable. Here is a discussion about how it works significantly to reduce heart and skin problems.

Research shows that monounsaturated fats in olive oil contain oleic acid. It can reduce growing cancer cells. Oleic acid reduces the intense growth of oncogene, cancer forming gene. Olive oil is considered good to help prostate, breast, and colon cancer.

It prevents heart attacks and strokes

Heart problems are threats to humanity today. There is no age bound to suffer from heart problems and chronic cardiac disorders. Is olive a blessing for your heart while it is like other vegetable oils? Everyone knows that fat contributes risks to the heart. Olive oil contains neither saturated nor polyunsaturated fats like other oils, meats, and butter. It comprises monosaturated fats. People, who take this fat daily instead of other fats, have a considerably lower rate of heart problems.

It has beneficial antioxidants, named polyphenol, that help in lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure. To get the utmost benefits, consider a low-fat vegetarian diet at least once a day. Cold-pressed olive oil prevents the growth of plaques that block arteries and increases the risks of heart attacks. Taking a particular amount of olive oil daily elevates HDL (good cholesterol) levels and decreases LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. It prevents the clotting of blood in arteries that cause a heart attack. It balances the platelet levels and protects your heart from strokes.

Excellent for the skin

Olive oil has a lot of eminent benefits for your skin. To get the fullest benefits, use extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil. The highest quality of olives is used to make extra virgin olive oil. Even after processing the oil, it contains rich antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Cold-pressed olive oil, extracted by an advanced oil expeller machine is the secret ingredient in the beauty industry. Making expensive skin-repairing creams and nourishing lotions, olive oil has been the primary ingredient.

It offers excellent moisturizing elements to your skin. For its hypoallergenic nature, it enters deep into the skin and makes protective moisture layers. The antioxidants restore and rejuvenate skin. Vitamins A and E gives extra glow and nourishment. For smoother and firmer skin, antioxidants work extraordinarily. You can take some drops to apply to your wet skin for better moisturizing purposes. To make your skin silky smooth, you can add some drops into your bathwater. Mixing it with other aroma oils makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent exfoliant. It was applied as a cleanser to exfoliate skin in even ancient Greek. Mixing with sea salt, men and women used olive oil to add extra shine to their skin. Today, a mixture of olive oil, lavender oil, and sugar helps in dead skin removal. It is an effective ingredient for makeup removal as well.

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