Cold Pressed Edible Oil, A Great Way to Enhance Health and Fitness

Indian food is imperfect without cooking oils. Every day new blended oils come into the market. So, it becomes quite puzzling to determine which of them are healthy to be used for cooking and other purposes. People are in a real dilemma whether the oil they use is free from cholesterol and good for the heart or it contains harmful elements. Olive oil, mustard oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil are some of the popular edible oils with several nutritional properties.

Heating the oil changes its texture, color, taste, and also nutritional value. Even some oils not only lose their nutritive value but generate harmful compounds by too much heating. Using those oils can be life-threatening.

Oils are produced by advanced oil machinery using a variety of methods. Among them, cold-pressed oils have been the healthiest. Even some food experts have declared that these are the best alternative to cooking oils. Oils are extracted from seeds, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Cold pressing is an oil extraction method that controls the use of heat while producing oils by retaining their flavor, taste, aroma, and nutritional properties. Edible oils are rich in healthy vitamins and antioxidants. Most of the oils, found in markets are gone through various refining operations that destroy the organic value of oils. The cold-pressing technique uses effective oil machinery to produce healthy organic oils by crushing seeds through pressure. It is the best substitute for ‘Ghani’, used in early times to produce oils.

The cold-pressed oil extraction technique is a way to a healthier life

• It produces cholesterol-free oils
• No refining activities are involved in this process
• The produced oils are 100% organic and do not contain harmful solvent remains
• These oils contain no added chemicals or preservatives
• They are rich in natural antioxidants and vitamins
• The process retains the natural aroma and taste to enhance the savor of food

Benefits of cold-pressed technique

It does not generate heat but, uses a heavy force during crushing the seeds and nuts. So, the oil retains its organic properties and does not lose essential antioxidants and vitamins in it. This method is far from unhealthy techniques and refinement of oils. No preservatives and chemicals are used and thus, the cold-pressed edible oil is extremely suitable for a healthy life.

An oil mill machinery manufacturer supplies some kinds of advanced machinery to produce a variety of edible oils including:

Cold-pressed Coconut oil
It has a higher heat tolerance than others. Its antibacterial properties help in protecting bacteria

Sesame oil
It is high in PUFA and good for diabetes. It adds beauty to the skin

Mustard oil
In the Indian kitchen, it is the most common oil with several nutritional benefits. It improves digestion and good for arthritic pains

Groundnut oil
It is a rich source of PUFA and helps in lowering LDL Cholesterol

Olive oil
Its anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties are good for health. It boosts the immune system

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