5 Ways To Maintain Your Oil Mill Machinery

Do you run an oil mill business? Machines of any kind require a lot of maintenance while running a business. We are the leading oil plant machine manufacturers in India who are experts in manufacturing oil mill machinery and also know how to maintain them regularly. Different ranges of oil machinery require different kinds of parts and care for them.

There are several things that you are required to do before you start using oil mill machinery on a regular basis.

Clean out oil storage feed

When you crush the oil seeds in the machine, there is always a leftover of the agro-material. This is known as the oil cake. When you are feeding the oil seeds to the inlet, make sure that the oil cake is continuously coming out from the outlet. If not, you need to stop the feeding and clear out the blockage in storage.

  • Clean the oil residue of oil plant machine

While using the oil press, the oil residue will keep producing continuously. You need to clean the oil residue to prevent blockage during the oil press. Once it is cleaned out, you can use the oil residue to be pressed again.

  • Clear out the screw shaft

Do you see your screw shaft has stopped working? This can happen if your oil expeller is wrong. Immediately stop the oil mill machinery. Open the discharging board and make sure to remove the screw shaft. If you notice that the oil cake or oil produced has become less than the normal capacity, take out the screw shaft. Check the condition of all the parts of the screwing shaft thoroughly. Make sure to replace it if required.

  • Use lubricating oil and grease regularly

Just like every other machine, for proper functioning, oil plant machines need to be greased and lubricated every day. Use good quality grease and oil to lubricate all the important parts of the oil mill machinery. Also, make sure to check the lubrication situation every 50 hours. Try to prevent the spread of dust and impurities in the places where lubrication is required. Along with that check the quality of motor oil in the oil plant machine. Replace the motor oil if the quality has been reduced.

  • Overall maintenance of the oil mill machine

Try to do overall maintenance every six months. Clean the oil cake in the oil mill machine. Dust the oil dirt deposited on the machine’s surface. Disassemble the whole machine to do a thorough cleanup. If required, you can replace the parts which have become too old. At Punjab engineering works, we provide you with various spare parts which need replacing. Paint the required parts of the machine with motor oil and dry them before you assemble the whole oil plant machine.

Do you think your oil mill machinery requires spare parts? You can contact the best oil mill machinery manufacturer and make sure to follow the given tips for maintaining your machine.

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